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Kled opens with low win rate, high play rate

Plus the popular item builds, runes and masteries and more.

Riot Games

As is the case with most new champions, Kled’s first win rates are clocking in well below 50 percent. In ranked games at Platinum and above, League’s newest champion has a 43.64 percent win rate in the top lane and 39.4 percent in the jungle, according to’s statistics.

That’s good for second-to-last among all top laners (ahead of only the recently reworked Ryze) and dead last among all junglers (although since he was designed as a top laner, that’s less of a concern). 74.03 percent of all Kled games are being played in the top lane, compared to 21.41 percent in the jungle (and 4.56 percent elsewhere).

Kled’s been played ninth-most among top laners, at 7.33 percent of games, and has been banned in 40.93 percent of games.

In terms of summoner spells and item builds, most Kled players are taking Flash-Teleport in the top lane, but the highest win percentage summoner combination is Flash-Ignite. The standard build appears to be Black Cleaver-Boots of Swiftness-Titanic Hydra-Dead Man’s Plate-Maw of Malmortius-Sunfire Cape, giving him tankinees, movement and damage.

In terms of skill maxing, most players seem to be going Q—>W—>E. Most players are taking Fervor of Battle as their Keystone Mastery and bringing Attack Damage red runes, Magic Resist blues, Armor yellows and Attack Damage quints.

Here’s the full Mastery page:

Taliyah’s opening win rates were so bad (even worse than Kled’s) that she received a hotfix soon after release.