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Twisted Fate disabled because his W is bugged as all hell


Riot Games

League of Legends players may have noticed that Twisted Fate, one of the game’s oldest champions, was disabled all weekend long. It’s been an unusually long amount of time for a champion to be disabled, so there must be something quite bizarre going on, right?


As Riot Meddler said in a thread on the boards...

We're seeing some weird interactions with Pick a Card and certain items, plus Pick a Card empowered attacks occasionally vanishing while putting the spell on CD. Currently working on a fix with the goal of getting that out as soon as it's ready and tested.

Here are two videos, via /r LoL, showing the difficulties Twisted Fate is having on item interactions with his “W” ability, Pick a Card. With the ability, Twisted Fate cycles through three different cards — red, gold and blue — and can pick which one he wants to use. Each card has a different effect, but they are all supposed to proc on-hit effects from items like Sheen, a core item on Twisted Fate.

Well, as you’ll see from the following video, getting your first blue buff (an important step for many mid laners, Twisted Fate included) prevents W from proc’ing Sheen for the rest of the game.

Similarly (I imagine, although I’m no game design expert), there’s a bugged interaction between Pick a Card and Mikael’s Crucible, another item with an active effect (and an 180 second cooldown).

If you use Mikael’s before Twisted Fate’s W, Mikael’s will proc every single time you use W, whether it is on cooldown or not.

You can expect Twisted Fate to return once the issue is fixed.