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Gangster Twitch, Knockout Lee Sin on sale this week

Ghost Bridge Morgana, Vel’Koz and TEEMO are also available for reduced cost.

Riot Games

This week’s group of League champions and skins on sale for 50 percent off was announced Monday by Riot Games. The champions will be on sale from August 16 through August 19.

Aviator Irelia, Gangster Twitch, Ghost Bridge Morgana and Knockout Lee Sin are the four skins for sale. Vel’Koz, Rumble, Teemo and Brand are the four champions on sale, just in case you needed some more AP punch in your champion pool.

You can see the Gangster Twitch splash art above. Here’s Knockout Lee Sin, probably the most popular Lee Sin skin in the game (and certainly at the competitive level).

Riot Games

Here’s the full list, with current price and reduced price:

  • Aviator Irelia — 260 RP (normally 520 RP)
  • Gangster Twitch — 487 RP (normally 975 RP)
  • Ghost Bride Morgana — 487 RP (normally 975 RP)
  • Knockout Lee Sin — 675 RP (normally 1350 RP)
  • Vel’Koz — 487 RP (normally 975 RP)
  • Rumble — 440 RP (normally 880 RP)
  • Teemo -- 292 RP (normally 585 RP)
  • Brand — 440 RP (normally 880 RP)