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EU LCS Summer 2016 Playoff VODs

Catch up on all the action right here.

Riot Games

The regular season for Europe’s first ever best-of-two LCS split has finished, and it’s time to move onto the best-of-fives. EU has three rounds of playoffs ahead of it, starting with the quarterfinal round this weekend.

The top two seeds, G2 Esports and Splyce, received byes to the semifinal round. Having gained the top seed, G2 will face the highest-remaining seed in the semifinals, while Splyce will face the lowest-remaining seed.

Both the third-place series and the finals will take place in Krakow, Poland this year. Last split, the festivities took place in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

For more on the EU playoffs, including the schedule and bracket, click here. We’ll keep this page updated with VODs as the tournament continues, so make sure to stay tuned!


No. 3 Giants Gaming vs. No. 6 Unicorns of Love

No. 4 H2K vs. No. 5 Fnatic

Bonus: bot-lane stream


No. 2 Splyce vs. No. 4 H2K

No. 1 G2 Esports vs. No. 6 Unicorns of Love

Third-place match

Semifinal loser vs. semifinal loser


Semifinal winner vs. semifinal winner