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KT Rolster eliminates SK Telecom T1 from LCK playoffs with dramatic reverse sweep

History has been made.

Riot Games

For the first time, the LCK champion will not be SK Telecom T1. After winning the last three LCK splits as well as Worlds, MSI and IEM, SKT has fallen in the semifinal round Friday.

KT Rolster defeated the regional giants, taking down SKT in five games after initially trailing 2-0. It is the first time a team has ever reverse swept SKT in a best-of-five. The team was helped by excellent Game 5 performances from top laner Chan-ho “Ssumday” Kim (9/1/10 on Gnar) and support Seung-chan “Hachani” Ha (1/0/20 on Taric).

For VODs from the series and the rest of the LCK playoffs, click here.

KT Rolster will now face No. 1 seed ROX Tigers Saturday, August 20 in the finals. The winner will earn the LCK’s No. 1 seed at Worlds (ROX has already qualified for the tournament either way by championship points).

The last time KT Rolster made a Korean final was Summer 2015, when they lost 3-0 to SK Telecom T1.

SKT will now have to play in the regional gauntlet to qualify for Worlds. The defending Worlds champions (the only team to win two Worlds) recently had their championship skins released as a part of Patch 6.16.