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KiWiKiD becomes third NRG departure following relegation

Santorin, GBM and now KiWiKiD have all announced they are free agents.

Riot Games

Following similar announcements by teammates Lucas “Santorin” Larsen and Chang-seok “GBM” Lee, NRG support Alan “KiWiKiD” Nguyen has announced he is a free agent following the team’s relegation to the Challenger Series.

KiWiKiD was the only player who had played in every single NA LCS split with the same team until Dignitas was relegated following the Spring Split. He was one of three LCS veterans (and four new players in total) signed by NRG in between splits, but the team faltered to a ninth-place finish and was swept by both Cloud9 Challenger and Echo Fox in the promotion tournament.

Initially a top laner for Team Dignitas, KiWiKiD switched to support prior to the 2014 season. He played mostly Karma (6-10) and Braum (4-8) in his 43 games with NRG this split.

NRG has not yet announced whether it intends to keep its Challenger Series spot or sell it. The team was purchased prior to the 2016 season by co-owners of the Sacramento Kings, and includes investors such as Shaquille O’Neal and Alex Rodriguez.