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GBM also leaves NRG, says he’s switching to jungler

That’s two former NRG players who are now free agents.

Riot Games

Following jungler Lucas “Santorin” Larsen’s announcement that he would be leaving NRG, mid laner Chang-seok “GBM” Lee announced on Twitter that he is now a free agent.

The former Jin Air mid laner, who made his name in Korea’s top league and by wearing bowties on stage, also said he would be switching positions to jungler.

GBM was one of two marquee signings on NRG’s initial roster before the Spring Split, along with top laner Eon-yeong “Impact” Jung. The team made the playoffs before being knocked out by Team Liquid, and a wholesale roster change between splits left only GBM from the Spring squad.

The team languished to a ninth-place finish, getting relegated after being swept by both Cloud9 Challenger and Echo Fox in the promotion tournament.

NRG has not yet announced what it plans to do with its Challenger Series spot. The other LCS team relegated this year, EU’s FC Schalke 04, said it plans on competing in Challenger and returning to the LCS.