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TSM, G2 dominate Summer 2016 LCS All-Pro team honors

Surprise, surprise, voters like winners.

Riot Games

The LCS regular seasons are over, which means it’s time for awards to start being announced. There’s still the MVP, Rookie of the Split and Coach of the Split ahead of us, but Wednesday Riot announced the All-Pro LCS teams for both the North America and Europe LCS.

No surprise, but the two teams who finished the regular season in first place dominate the All-Pro teams. Four of the five players on the NA LCS first team are from TSM, while three of the five in EU are from G2 Esports. Both teams also have one player on the second team.

Reigning North American MVP Reignover is the only non-TSM member on the NA 1st team, while reigning EU MVP Trick made the first team once again. The only real surprise comes in Europe, where Giants mid laner NighT just barely beat out reigning EU rookie of the split Perkz.

Here are the full teams for both regions, including the total number of points received.

1st NA LCS All-Pro Team:

Kevin "Hauntzer" Yarnell - Top, TSM (87 points)

Yeu-jin “Reignover” Kim - Jungle, IMT (105 points)

Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg - Mid, TSM (113 points)

Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng - ADC, TSM (105 points)

Vincent "Biofrost" Wang - Support, TSM (87 points)

2nd NA LCS All-Pro Team:

Seung-hoon “Huni” Heo - Top, IMT (67 points)

Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen - Jungle, TSM (46 points)

Eugene "Pobelter" Park - Mid, IMT (58 points)

Zachary "Sneaky" Scuderi - ADC, C9 (59 points)

Zaqueri "Aphromoo" Black - Support, CLG (76 points)

3rd NA LCS All-Pro Team:

Eon-yeong "Impact" Jung - Top, C9 (37 points)

Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett - Jungle, TL (27 points)

Nicolaj "Jensen" Jensen - Mid, C9 (47 points)

Jason "WildTurtle" Tran - ADC, IMT (46 points)

Adrian "Adrian" Ma - Support, IMT (38 points)

1st EU LCS All-Pro Team:

Martin "Wunder" Hansen - Top, SPY (89 points)

Kang-yun "Trick" Kim - Jungle, G2 (99 points)

Gun-woo "Night" Na - Mid, GIA (71 points)

Jesper "Zven" Svenningsen - ADC, G2 (97 points)

Alfonso "Mithy" Aguirre Rodriguez, Support, G2 (102 points)

2nd EU LCS All-Pro Team:

Kiss "Vizicsacsi" Tamás - Top, UOL (36 points)

Jonas "Trashy" Andersen - Jungle, SPY (49 points)

Luka "Perkz" Perković - Mid, G2 (69 points)

Kasper "Kobbe" Kobberup - ADC, SPY (44 points)

Mihael "Mikyx" Mehle - Support, SPY (69 points)

3rd EU LCS All-Pro Team:

Lennart "SmittyJ" Warkus - Top, GIA (32 points)

Marcin "Jankos" Jankowski - Jungle, H2K (30 points)

Chres "Sencux" Laursen - Mid, SPY (39 points)

Martin "Rekkles" Larsson - ADC, FNC (29 points)

Oskar “Vander” Bogdan - Support, H2K (18 points)

This year, the ballots were public. Voters included Riot shoutcasters, LCS players and coaches and third-party media (myself included). For transparency, here was my ballot:

1st NA LCS All-Pro Team:

Huni - Top, IMT

Reignover - Jungle, IMT

Bjergsen - Mid, TSM

Doublelift - ADC, TSM

Adrian - Support, IMT

2nd NA LCS All-Pro Team:

Hauntzer - Top, TSM

Dardoch - Jungle, TL

Jensen - Mid, C9

Sneaky - ADC, C9

Biofrost - Support, TSM

3rd NA LCS All-Pro Team:

Ray - Top, Apex

Inori - Jungle, Phoenix1

Pobelter - Mid, IMT

Mash - ADC, Phoenix1

Xpecial - Support, Apex

The coach of the split will be announced August 17, the rookie of the split August 24 and MVP August 27-28 during finals weekend.