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The new Arcade Ahri skin is delightfully retro

A close-up look shows her recall animation and more.

When new Arcade skins for Ahri, Corki and Ezreal were accidentally leaked, there was plenty of excitement surrounding the news. The Arcade skins are some of the Riot’s skins team’s best work, and Ahri and Ezreal are two very popular champions.

Now that Riot has officially announced the skins, we can get a closer look at what they’ve got going on. Skin Spotlights released a video looking at Arcade Ahri and, well, get excited.

My favorite part by far is the recall animation, which shows Ahri playing an old-school arcade game. But the whole theme is extremely cool: the pixelated orbs, the way her tails change colors, everything down to how she (semi-suspiciously) looks like Fox McCloud.

All three Arcade skins are tentatively priced at 1350 RP. There will also be a series of new icons available to purchase in the store.

Expect the new Arcade skins and icons to release with Patch 6.17, so in about two weeks.