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Some weird Trundle and Anivia bugs have popped up in patch 6.15

Getting popped into the air by ice may have unintended consequences

Trundle’s "E" ability, Pillar of Ice, is a character-defining skill that has helped keep the troll relevant for years. It’s the key to a lot of his utility, whether it’s being used to prevent enemies from escaping or to secure a disengage from a bad team fight.

Pillar of Ice also happens to be a source of some bizarre bugs that have popped up in the latest patch.

As seen in the video above (from YouTube user Anuran), enemy champions can still use spells when knocked into the air by Trundle’s ice pillar. That seems to be working as intended, but many of the spells do not seem to have the intended effect. Champs such as Fizz, Aatrox and Alistar have skills that appear to be bugged when used at the same time as Pillar of Ice popping them up from the ground.

But perhaps most bizarre is the case of Sejuani. If you use Arctic Assault, Sejuani’s "Q" ability, while mid-air, it appears to inflict double damage on whoever it hits (most likely the Trundle player themselves). Anuran says they were able to reproduce this bug nearly 100 percent of the time.

In a follow-up video (posted below), Anuran notes that they witnessed the Sejuani double-damage bug in certain other scenarios, suggesting it could be a totally separate bug not tied to Trundle’s "E." Even weirder, all the issues tied to Trundle’s Pillar of Ice are also reproducible using Anivia’s "W" ability, Crystallize.

In other words, these bugs may just be tied to anything that knocks characters into the air without actually stunning them.

We’ve reached out to Riot to see if these issues are being looked at, and we’ll update if we hear anything back.