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Here are some Kled facts you might not know

He roasts other champions so hard, he belongs on Worldstarhiphop.

Riot Games

There’s still a lot of mystery around the new champion. Though we have a lot of information on him, including his abilities, there are a lot of things we don’t know yet!

Kled has a lot of fun interactions with other champions that show off his intense personality. Despite the fact that he’s associated with Noxus, most of his interactions are smack-talking Noxian champs.

Also his Polish voice is probably his most expressive that he has and if you haven’t listened to it, you should.

Reddit-user Dj_Spillz made a post explaining some handy facts about Kled that everyone should know before playing him.

For example, when he’s unmounted and firing his Q, he can use it to jump over walls, similarly to Caitlyn’s Q.

He has a temporary moment of invulnerability when his passive gets popped, so you can’t burst him down when he’s jumping off of Skaarl. However, when mounting, you still take damage.

Warmog’s passive works when Skaarl and Kled’s combined health is above 3,000. It also continues to work on Kled when he’s not with Skaarl if this minimum is met.

His W’s bonus damage applies to towers, but the true damage does not. (That would be BUSTED.)

There is a small cooldown on Kled’s passive that prevents him from constantly mounting and dismounting Skaarl.

Kled is available now on PBE, so if you have an account, get testing! (If you can manage to lock him in fast enough. People on PBE are animals.)

If you don’t have a PBE account, SkinSpotlights on YouTube runs an automated Kled spectator stream.