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TSM played Teemo in a real LCS game because of a tweet

This is the reason why we don’t see Teemo in competitive play.

Riot Games

It started with a tweet. It’s not uncommon for professional players (or coaches, in this case) to tweet out jokes about playing a champion in exchange for an absurdly high amount of retweets.

It’s happened before in Europe, but no teams followed through with their promises. When Andy “Reginald” Dinh, the owner of Team SoloMid tweeted this out, people went insane. TSM was already 16-1 and their last match was against NRG esports, a team they didn’t have trouble with before. Why not pick Teemo against them as a joke?

After the tweet hit 20,000 retweets, panic ensued. Nobody on TSM wanted to actually play him in competitive.

Everyone on the team was pretty nervous and they didn’t want to play the yordle. Except Kevin “Hauntzer” Yarnell.

Ask and you shall receive! Hauntzer played Teemo top in game two against NRG Esports on Sunday and it was awful. He ended the game 1/5/1 and gave first blood to the enemy top-laner.

That’s not too horrible considering that he had no practice on him.

He was less than pleased after the series.

Reginald was also (jokingly) unhappy with Hauntzer’s performance.

In the end, TSM did reign victorious over NRG, taking the series 2-1. In the 3rd game, Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng actually scored his 1,000th career kill right before TSM took the enemy nexus.

Some say that the Teemo pick was a trick to force a game three and allow Doublelift to grab his 1,000th kill. Some say Reginald is just a troll and TSM likes to have fun. We’ll never know the truth, but hey, at least the Teemo game was entertaining!

You can watch the VOD of the match below if you want to see how not to play Teemo.