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Art of Legends: What League would be like as a side-scrolling fighter game

I’d give my soul for this to be real.

Happy hump day! The week is almost halfway over, so that means it’s time to round up some of the cool art we’ve seen in the past week.

If you missed last week’s Art of Legends, you can take a look here!

Spider Queen by bayardwu

The composition and style of this piece makes it look like it could be Elise’s new splash art! The spider webs guide your eyes well, though the overly detailed black widow in the background may or may not give me nightmares. You can see a step-by-step of how this was created here!

Kalista - Betrayed by cheesewoo

Not only is the post dynamic and expressive here, but this really tells a story. We know through Kalista’s lore that Hecarim led a betrayal, causing many others to throw spears through her body and here we can see it happening.

League of Legends Fighting Game: Round 3 by iurypadilha

This piece is ridiculously detailed. Every small notch on Caitlyn’s gun is beautifully outlined and you can even pinpoint where they are on the Summoner’s Rift map! (I really like that you can see the dragon pit.) The stances were depicted perfectly and it really makes you wonder who will win!

Gnar SOLO by LunaMach

AWWWW...This Gnar in a Charizard onesie is just too cute and too fitting. His little booties just make him even cuter. We can only assume that when he goes mega, he turns into one of the Mega Charizard forms.

Lulu - League of Legends_5 by slivovayaSva

Lulu has truly come to life in this cosplay. Not only does she have a sweet floating Pix, but her oversized hat and staff look like they’re straight from the game. The forest scenery really makes me feel like I’m spotting Lulu in The Glade.

We'll be showcasing our favorite pieces that we find every week. If you have something cool you want to show off, feel free to show us in the comments!