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League's newest champion rides a lizard and generally goes HAM

Kled stars in How to Train Your Lizard and in our hearts.

Riot Games

We were teased about League’s new champion during EU LCS last week, and Riot released his official kit Monday. The game’s newest yordle, Kled, rides a lizard mount named Skaarl. Let’s meet them!

Kled’s kit is ideal for skirmishing post-laning phase and he definitely knows how to roam the map with his ult.

The hardest part about Kled is going to be his Violent Tendencies (“W”) passive, which automatically turns on when he auto-attacks. Since you can’t toggle it, people will most likely accidentally waste the passive while clearing waves, rather than using it for a fight.

His ability to pick off single enemies with Beartrap on a Rope and duel with Jousting makes him a good contender to roam. If he ventures from the top-lane into enemy jungle territory, with those skills, he should make it out with a kill.

Lead designer Harrow said on Twitter that Kled has found the most success in the top lane, but his kit seems to make sense for potential jungling as well.

If you want to watch his abilities in action, head on over here!

Here is his kit:

Passive - Skaarl the Cowardly Lizard

Skaarl works almost like a shield for Kled, doubling his health. If any runes, masteries or items buff up Kled’s health, they also do the same for Skaarl. The mount’s health sits in front of Kled’s and when reduced to zero, he gets scared and books it! His Q changes and his E and ultimate can’t be used when unmounted. In order to bring Skaarl back, Kled has to fight on his own and “go HAM.”

Q (while mounted) - Beartrap on a Rope

Like a Thresh’s hook, Kled tosses a beartrap on a rope to snag the first champion it hits and deal damage to anything else in the way. The beartrap stays latched and and then the target is reeled in, slowed and damaged.

Q (while unmounted) - Pocket Pistol

Kled fires several bullets in a cone shape, while knocking himself back from the recoil.

W - Violent Tendencies (passive)

Kled gains attack speed when auto-attacking. His fourth blow does extra damage based on a percentage of the target’s max health.

E (while mounted only) - Jousting

Skaarl and Kled dash to a target location through enemies and gain movement speed after. If they dash through a large monster or champion, they can reactive the skill to dash through them a second time.

R (while mounted only) - CHAAAAAAAARGE!!!

Skaarl curls up into a ball and Kled rides on top as they both quickly run to a target location. They pick up a shield on the way and Skaarl charges into the first enemy champion in the route, dealing true damage to them. Allies who run with Kled and Skaarl gain movement speed.

His release skin will be Sir Kled, a knight riding a brilliant bird mount. There’s definitely a Final Fantasy vibe going on here. (They totally just turned Skaarl into a chocobo.)

Kled is not up on the PBE quite yet, so we don’t know exactly what his damage ratios are, but he should be going up sometime very soon to be tested.