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The newest champion, Kled, revealed on EU LCS stream

Reunited and it feels so good!

Riot Games

(For Kled’s full release, including his ability kit and first skin, click here)

After weeks of hints and teasers, Riot has officially unveiled Kled, the newest playable champion coming to League of Legends. He seems to some sort of Noxian pirate yordle and that sounds amazing.

For the past couple of weeks, Riot has been putting strange posters up in PC cafes, the LCS studios and other League-related locations. At first the posters were...a little mean. It seems like Kled didn’t think too highly of his mount.

About a week later, a new version of the poster was revealed. Kled probably missed his mount more than he thought he would.

“Patroling ain’t the same without him.” Aww.

Finally, during the first day of week eight of EU LCS, Riot dropped Kled’s trailer after the Fnatic and Splyce game.

No further information is known yet, but we expect a full reveal within the next couple of days. Kled will likely show up on the beta server for testing shortly after that. We’ll update with more information when we have it.