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Art of Legends: Pool Party edition

Is it hot in here or is it just...this fanart?

After painstakingly sifting through a large amount of pool party fanart, we’re back for another week of Art of Legends. (A lot of that fanart was NSFW. If my boss was looking over my shoulder, I would have been fired.)

Instead of rounding up the best art from the past week, we’re going to be bringing out some of our favorite pool party creations of all time.

League of Legends - Pool Party Selfie by vaxzone

This cosplay photo is from 2014, so while not all the skins are canon anymore, this piece is still super fun. There are so many champions represented here just having a good time. Tibbers totally steals the show! I’d also love to see the look on the lifeguard’s face with all these wild characters in the pool.

Pool Party Syndra by iBralui

This Syndra concept is to-die for. Not only is she looking ready for the beach, but she’s super fashionable as well! I love the image of those beach balls wrecking somebody on the Rift.

Contest Verano Pa' Todos 2016- League of Legends by Opalbluekat

This loud and colorful piece is just so much fun. There’s so much going on! DJ Sona is playing, Annie and Amumu are going down the waterslide and Rek’Sai seems to be making off with Thresh’s lantern. The vibrant neon colors really give this a real party vibe.

Pool Party Renekton by vixyl

Renekton looks a lot less scary like this! He definitely has spotted some people misbehaving at the pool and he’s ready to...attack them, I guess. There aren’t many pieces that can make Renekton look super cutesy, but this one does it so well.

Commission : Pool Party Ziggs, League of Legends by emilySculpts

This figure pretty much looks official. How one sculpts something like this is beyond me, but Ziggs looks so fly in his pool party gear! His huge cheeky smile and water balloon in hand shows that he’s up to no good.

pool party skin! by moonblue(ムーンブル)

It’s good to see that even poros are having a good time at the beach. Everyone is depicted as having a pretty good time here, except for Taric. The colors are just so vibrant and playful and everyone’s personality is really shining through.

Pool Party Taliyah by MenoOG

This concept is so perfect, since Taliyah is known for surfing on walls, she’s probably really good at surfing on waves. The design is simple and elegant and it works really well!

Leona - Pool Party by AmericanDork

It’s like I’ve been blinded by beauty. Leona looks so gorgeous here and the lighting on her hair, skin and eyes really make her look even better. The angle makes it feel like she jus woke you up from a beach nap, so it’s like you’re seeing the girl of your dreams right in front of you. (drools)

We'll be showcasing our favorite pieces that we find every week. If you have something cool you want to show off (pool party or otherwise,) feel free to show us in the comments!