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CJ Entus stuck with Teemo following embarrassing misclick

That’s gotta sting.

Riot Games

Jong-hoon “Kramer” Ha of LCK’s CJ Entus accidentally locked in Teemo in a match today against Longzhu Gaming. While the team wanted a remake, LCK rulings stated that the team had to stay with the yordle.

We don’t know what champion Kramer meant to click on. Our guess is Trundle, since the team needed a top-laner and he originally clicked on Bard, then Tristana and then Teemo in a panicked state.

Teemo got passed to top-laner Sang-myeon “Shy” Park and unsurprisingly, he didn’t do so hot on him.

You can just see Kramer’s face of regret when it gets locked in.

The members of Longzhu were giggly and ready to win an easy match.

Shy proceeded to go 0/2/1 on Teemo and CJ Entus lost. His build was a little bit questionable, with a Frozen Mallet, Statikk Shiv and a Wit’s End.

Teemo could have possibly been a good pick if this match happened before Cassiopeia’s rework. Both her poisons and Teemo’s poisons definitely would have helped her rack up ability points. But alas, it’s patch 6.13 and now Cassiopeia’s passive just gives her movement speed.

Let this be a lesson to all the pros that like to make last-minute swaps. Next time you might actually get stuck with Warwick. I’m looking at you, Stixxay.