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Forg1ven returns to EU LCS as H2K sub

I guess H2K...(puts on sunglasses) forgave him.

Riot Games

After being removed from Origen’s roster, Konstantinos “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou has returned to the EU LCS on H2K as a substitute.

Originally Forg1ven stated that he stepped down from the team after realizing that he was dedicating too much time to Overwatch and was losing motivation. However, before the announcement of his return, he said that he was removed from Origen.

H2K announced on Facebook that due to Aleš "Freeze" Kněžínek’s hand-injury, they might need a back-up plan so they brought in Forg1ven.

Forg1ven is known to be one of the great EU LCS AD-carries, along with Freeze. H2K now has two of the major EU powerhouses on their team.

During the Spring Split, Forg1ven expressed extreme concern over the fact that he was drafted to join the Greek military and he therefore would not have been able to play in the finals. Since then, his military duty has been delayed.

Forg1ven has been on six different teams since 2014, but if he’s returning to H2K, maybe this is a sign that he wants to settle down and stay with a single organization.