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Katarina, Ekko and Ashe 'PROJECT' skins revealed

Oh, BABY a triple (set of skins!)

Riot Games

The newest PROJECT skins in League of Legends have been announced: Ashe, Katarina and Ekko. Ekko and Katarina will cost 1350 RP, while Ashe will cost 1820 RP.

The skins were teased when a website went up Monday night. The website didn’t have much information. The viewer was prompted to type “Freedom,” “Ambition” or “Unity” and each word took them to a different preview that had an image of a weapon and spoken quotes.

Unity led to a page with blue accents and a prototype-esque image of a bow. The speaking voice was very obviously Ashe.

Ambition led to a page with red accents and an image of a blade. One of the quotes, “Sinister by choice” alluded to Katarina.

Freedom led to a page with green accents and what looked like a short sword. Ashe’s voice says “He will alter our odds,” hinting that it was Ekko’s project page.

You could also access pages for the past PROJECT skins by typing “Challenge” for Fiora, “Harmony” for Master Yi, “Power” for Zed, “Protection” for Leona, “Truth” for Yasuo and “Vengeance” for Lucian.

Not even a day later, Riot broke the suspense and the guessing by uploading a sweet .gif to their Facebook page!

A rioter posted preview images of the skins as well as what their pricing will be.

PROJECT: Ashe’s hood toggles automatically up when she’s approximately 2400 units away from friendly turrets or your base. It goes up so she can be extra-sneaky when in enemy territory!

Here are the skins’ splash arts:

PROJECT skins were first teased a little while back at a Brazilian esports event. There was a display of mysteriously unknown helmets surrounded by PROJECT cosplayers.

Tuesday’s Public Beta Environment patch should most likely include these skins, so if you have a PBE account, it’s time to get testing!