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5 things to know about League of Legends Patch 6.14

Ryze’s rework goes live, plus new cooldown pings and more!

Riot Games

League of Legends Patch 6.13 brought back ranked fives and buffed supports. Now Patch 6.14 is arriving, with more buffs for certain supports, the arrival of Ryze’s long-awaited rework, a new group of available cooldown pings and changes to Twisted Treeline similar to those we saw to ARAM in 6.12.

You can also read the full patch notes here, but here's the important stuff:

  1. Ryze’s rework will go live

The details of the rework were first announced in late June, and James Dator wrote up an excellent breakdown of the upcoming changes. But the short version? Ryze has a new E, which marks a target and buffs his abilities when targeting marked opponents. (similar to other champions in the game). He also has a terrifying new ultimate: an area-of-effect teleport that can bring teammates to you or send minions to push a different lane.

Or cool things like this!

Plus, if you have Uncle Ryze (like I do), that new ultimate will make the sound of a screeching eagle. Rad.

2. New cooldown pings

This is a feature League players have been asking for for a while. The game allows you to easily warn teammates of danger or ask for assistance, but communicating cooldowns of important abilities and items took much more effort.

With the release of the upcoming patch, the following can be pinged to automatically provide information to your team via chat:

  • Abilities (remaining cooldown or insufficient resource warning)
  • Summoner spells (remaining cooldown)
  • Major items (remaining cooldown when relevant, indication of completion otherwise)
  • Vision items, including trinkets (cooldown or ward charges)
  • Health and resource bars (current percent)

You can also click on jungle timers in the Tab menu to put them in chat.

3. Cloud Drake buff!

Ever since the new Dragons were released with the midseason patch, players have complained that one — Cloud Drake — felt underwhelming compared to the rest, even if Riot insisted the different Dragons had an even statistical impact on the game.

With the release of 6.14, Cloud Drake’s bonus movement speed will now be increased. Previously, taking down Cloud Drakes would give you 15/30/45 out-of-combat movement speed. Now it’s been boosted to 25/50/75. For context, the basic Boots of Speed item gives you 25 movement speed.

4. Tweaks to Leona, Sona and some OP champs

Leona dominated 6.13 among supports because some of her planned buffs in 6.14 made it live early on accident without the accompanying nerfs. Now all of her changes are out: including the already-live buffs to her Q cooldown and E root duration, Leona’s ultimate does less damage but also empowers her auto attacks for a short tim.

Sona’s been tweaked significantly as well. While she saw some surprising play at MSI, even when the competitive meta favored ranged supports she was not often found. Now, instead of her ultimate amplifying her other abilities, it reduces the cooldown of them, allowing her to spam her songs more and generally feel more useful.

Arguably the three strongest mid laners in the game also received the nerf hammer: Azir and Viktor had their early games toned down while Taliyah saw her W cooldown and E damage nerfed.

Finally, Rek’Sai, one of the most present champions in the competitive meta, received slight nerfs to her tremor sense. The cooldown refresh per target has been slightly increased, and it no longer triggers on enemies “minorly moving to modify their facing.”

5. New Pool Party skins!

We already expressed our excitement over Pool Party Taric, and Fiora and Miss Fortune will be joining in on the fun. You can find more information on the skins here.

Here’s the splash for Pool Party Taric:

Riot Games

And Pool Party Fiora:

Riot Games

And Pool Party Miss Fortune:

Riot Games

The skins will be available after Patch 6.14 goes live, which should be either Wednesday or Thursday.