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New League of Legends Pop! vinyl figures include Jinx, Vi and Braum

They really POP...ha ha...ha...

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Riot Games

Riot Games is collaborating with Funko to create new League of Legends Pop! vinyl figures. The company is introducing a handful of characters that you can pre-order now through GameStop.

The collection includes Jinx, Vi, Lee Sin, Thresh, Braum and Ashe. There’s also a special collector’s box that includes Amumu, along with a mini Lucian figure, a Thresh keychain and a set of three mystery Poros.

The Poros will be random and you can get the generic Poro, a gentleman Poro, a Draven Poro, a PROJECT Poro, a Shadow Isles Poro or a King Poro.

The main collection will be $11.99 per figure and the collector’s box will be $24.99.

Riot Games has produced figures in the past that you can also still grab from its store, but its unknown if Riot will ever be selling the Pop! vinyls directly.

The current set also only includes junglers, supports and AD-carries, which means that top and mid laners could be coming in the next set.

The figures will only be available in North America for now, but will be available at a later date to other regions. They will be available for purchase (if you don’t want to pre-order them) on August 8.