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Ranked 5s is coming back to League of Legends. Here’s how it’ll work

Ranked 5s never die ... on weeknights and weekends, that is.

Riot Games

With the arrival of Patch 6.13, the long wait for the return of a Ranked 5s queue is over. Ranked 5s was initially disabled when dynamic queue arrived, but recent changes barring high-elo players from grouping up as 5 meant some amateur teams could no longer practice together in ranked play.

We disabled ranked teams at the start of the season because we were unsure how match quality and queue times would be affected by the addition of dynamic queue. Now that we have a better understanding of how players are using dynamic queue, we believe we can enable ranked teams in limited windows. This gives players who are limited to solo, duo, and trio queues, in high MMR a way to play ranked as a five-player squad.

- Riot Socrates’ announcement

However, there are several changes from the old system. The main change is that you’ll only be able to play in 5s during a specific time window.

Ranked 5s will be playable in North America on Mondays through Fridays starting at 7 p.m. until 1 a.m. EST and Saturdays and Sundays from 5 p.m. until 1 a.m. EST.

There will also be other restrictions when it comes to making and joining Ranked 5 teams, including the following:

  • You have to be level 30 to make a team
  • You have to own at least 16 champions
  • A team can have up to 9 players
  • There are no tier restrictions
  • Teams have to play five games to be placed
  • You can only be on five teams at a time
  • If you’re the team captain, you can’t leave the team without disbanding the team

Previous attempts to play as a ranked group of five in dynamic queue often proved disastrous. Sometimes coordinated fives would get matched up against sets of threes and twos or fours and a solo player, which gave an unfair advantage with communication. The match-making was poor with MMR, too. There were many times when platinum and diamond Ranked 5 teams would go against professional teams queuing together.

Now with Ranked 5s getting its own queue again, anyone can play with their friends in a more balanced and fun environment.