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Art of Legends: Mythic Cassiopeia’s Serpentine Grace

Just don’t get caught by her Petrifying Gaze!

Art of Legends is back again this week to showcase more amazing League of Legends fan-creations.

If you missed out on last week’s, you can catch up here!

League of Legends Ahri B^) by kittumz

Not only are the colors in this painting amazing, but the pose and mischievous vibe you get from Ahri makes it really in character. Kittumz actually drew the version of Ahri from the A New Dawn cinematic, which sports more detail.

Cassiopeia by foliage

Mythic Cassiopeia is featured in this piece by foliage and she looks ready to strike! Cass actually looks like she could be a Greek goddess here, with her glowing golden eyes and alluring pose.

League of Legends Varus cosplay by Ragnaradi

This literally looks like Varus stepped out of the game and into our world. Not only is there meticulous detail to his bow and weird...leg-pants-things, but the background and editing here looks perfect!

AD CARRY by LengYou

Nobody asked for more drawings of Ezreal drawn looking like a smug ass, but here we are. Regardless, he looks great here, especially with the nice blue tints used for shading. The happy Leona in the background is a nice touch, too!

불의 축제 녹턴 (Blood Moon Nocturne) by 아르카리글

This skin concept of Nocturne has a great attention to detail and he looks like he’d fit in perfectly with the rest of the Blood Moon gang. The artist did great work making the theme and champion both easily identifiable. While it’s an original design, the audience can still tell that he’s Nocturne.

We'll be showcasing our favorite pieces that we find every week. If you have something cool you want to show off, feel free to show us in the comments!