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Taric’s new Pool Party skin is League of Legends meets ‘Baywatch’

Baywatch? More like Baewatch.

Riot Games

For the past two years, Riot Games has released pool party-themed League of Legends skins to celebrate summer. The first year brought skins for Graves, Lee Sin, Leona, Ziggs and Renekton. The next year, we got Zac, Lulu, Rek’Sai, Draven and Dr. Mundo.

Each year when summer rolls around, players begin making guesses on who might be in the next set of pool party skins, especially since the original splash arts for the first set had lots of cameo champions in the background. Could we finally be getting Ahri, who’s featured in Renekton’s and Ziggs’ splash? Or maybe we’ll get Orianna and Nidalee, who are in Lee Sin’s splash art!

Wait no longer — this year Riot is going to release three pool party skins, one for Taric, Miss Fortune and Fiora.

So the general guesses for pool party Ahri were wrong. We did get Taric, who was in Leona’s splash art, but he’s much different than how he’s pictured there, chasing Lux. He received a major face-lift since this skin was released in 2013, though, so the change is to be expected.

Here’s how the skins look in-game, complete with their recall animations and other cool details:

Taric’s Baywatch-esque skin is everything anyone could have ever dreamed of. His luscious blonde lockes, his chiseled abs...oh, baby. His skills all have neat water-y effects, like the rest of pool party skins and when he uses Cosmic Radiance, a rad surfer tune plays.

Fiora’s skin sports neat pool-noodle physics on her “rapier” making it flop around like it should. Her recall animation shows her facing off with a crab and - spoiler - she beats it. Upon successfully activating Grand Challenge, instead of the usual rose appearing, there’s a tropical hibiscus.

Miss Fortune is looking fly as usual with super-chic heart shaped sunglasses. Her backing animation is relate-able; she poses multiple times to take the perfect pool party selfie. Her skills, especially Bullet Time, have extremely satisfying watery sound and visual effects.

Riot said that these skins will be priced at 1350 RP each, though that could be subject to change. The company has also confirmed that these three will be the only ones released this year, though Taric’s splash art hints at a future pool party Braum.