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Team YP signs all-female League of Legends roster, still not allowed to participate in Riot events

Though they can't play in Riot leagues or IEM, they're still roaring to go.

Riot Games

Team YP, an esports organization sponsored by YouPorn, has revealed an all-female roster for its League of Legends team.

The organization has signed Joanna "Myshka" Pigla and Patrycja "Reniferka" Krumin from Poland, Marlies "Maestra" Brunnhofer and Tanja "Escape" Reither from Austria, and Laura "Aryenzz" Muñoz from Spain.

Myshka will be playing top-lane, Reniferka will be in the jungle, Escape will be in the mid-lane, Aryenzz will be AD carry and Maestra will be supporting her.

Aryenzz placed first at DreamHack Bucharest, and the team has also won Electronic Sports League cups as a group. All of the players also attended the Esports World Convention in Paris.

YP has posted that they are making this team with the talented ladies to aim for equality for all, especially with how hard it is for females to enter the esports scene.

The uphill battle that women face in the industry is still a reality: being a woman in this cutthroat business means you need incredibly thick skin and strength of character on top of admirable skill and talent. Furthermore, professional female teams are still offered less time under the spotlight.

- the Team YP blog post

The organization has been banned from entering Riot Games' tournaments as well as Intel Extreme Masters, due to their YouPorn sponsorship. However, they will be participating in the Go4LoL tournaments soon, stating that they want to branch out from female-only tournaments.