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There's a League of Legends restaurant in China and now you can eat Alistar's beef

Sometimes it's not enough just to play League of Legends. Sometimes you need to embrace it. Make it a part of your life. Yes, even eat it. That's what a restaurant in the Fengtai District of Beijing is now doing. It has everything a League fan could want. Plenty of game memorabilia on the walls, the chance to drink elixirs and a creative menu that totally makes sense -- well, most of it.

Take a look through all the photos because this is brilliant. For now lets focus on the best menu items you can get at the League of Legends restaurant:

- "Hometown of Fizz": Crab, shrimp, pineapple and corn. I get the crab and the shrimp, but what kind of pineapple and corn grows under the sea is beyond us.

- "The Tentacle of Vel'Koz": Fried squid. Simple, obvious, elegant. Vel'Koz isn't my main, but I'd make him my main.

- "The Passion of Gangplank": Fries. Who knew Gangplank was so passionate about fries? Wait ... one sec.


- "The Hot of Malphite": Sausage. No comment.

- "Brand's Delicious": Custard tart. No offense to Brand, but I really doubt his ability to make a custard tart with care. There is no way he's making a custard without curdling it, and the crust is totally going to burst into flames.

None of these look appealing? That's okay. The restaurant serves pizzas too, and every day has a special. For instance, on Wednesdays you can eat Alistar's pizza which is nine inches of beef. Oh God ...

h/t Reddit