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MSI 2016: Day 4 results and statistics

This post will be updated as the games in Shanghai finish.

Riot Games

Game 1: G2 Esports vs. SuperMassive eSports

Win: G2 Esports (19-7, 31:16)

In the first attempt at playing this game, a Twisted Fate/Elise SuperMassive pick comp opened up an early lead against G2's teamfighting siege composition, but once G2 was able to group up it took the lead back. A bug with Elise's rappel at 22 minutes gave SuperMassive the opportunity for a remake, but this one went even worse.

After a shaky start to the tournament, Trick played an excellent game on Graves, while Emperor stayed (mostly) safe protected by Hybrid's Braum. G2 broke open SuperMassive's base at 24, and took Baron at 29 minutes.

There was one bright side for SuperMassive: Naru, who started the game with a solo kill on Perkz and had a generally powerful game on LeBlanc.

Bans: Maokai, Bard, Twisted Fate; Zed, Nidalee, Azir

Kikis (Poppy) 2 2/2/9 198 fabFabulous (Ekko) 2 2/4/2 190
Trick (Graves) 2 6/1/8 178 Stomaged (Kindred) 1 0/5/2 110
Perkz (Ryze) 3 6/2/7 253 Naru (LeBlanc) 2 5/4/1 220
Emperor (Ezreal) 3 4/2/8 181 Achuu (Lucian) 1 0/2/3 328
Hybrid (Braum) 1 1/0/8 31 Dumbledoge (Soraka) 3 0/4/2 19

Game 2: Royal Never Give Up vs. Flash Wolves

Win: Royal Never Give Up (14-3, 29:10)

After three days of aggressive team fighting and action-packed games, first-place RNG squeezed the life out of Flash Wolves in a very different kind of win. After a long triple lane swap, RNG earned first blood at 12 minutes and followed it up with a triple kill for mlxg six minutes later. Flash Wolves looked to get back into the game with a pair of kills during a team fight at 25 minutes, but RNG cleaned up for an ace and an inhibitor.

RNG built a 10k gold lead by 28 minutes, and used that advantage to zone away Flash Wolves and take Baron. xiaohu and Wuxx chased down lingering Flash Wolves members for two kills a piece, and RNG marched into the base for the win.

Bans: Ezreal, Braum, Ekko; Twitch, Sivir, Kindred

Looper (Poppy) 3 2/0/10 176 MMD (Maokai) 1 1/3/1 151
mlxg (Nidalee) 3 6/0/5 157 Karsa (Graves) 1 1/2/0 153
xiaohu (Azir) 2 4/0/7 278 Maple (Ryze) 2 1/3/2 225
Wuxx (Lucian) 2 2/2/6 253 NL (Caitlyn) 2 0/2/2 275
Mata (Alistar) 1 0/1/7 22 SwordArt (Morgana) 3 0/4/2 14

Game 3: SK Telecom T1 vs. Counter Logic Gaming

Win: SK Telecom T1 (12-7, 33:12)

After a shocking win against SKT Friday, becoming the first North American team to ever beat the Korea giants, CLG got off to another good start in this one by getting First Blood onto Huhi. For the second time this tournament, he pulled out the Aurelion Sol, and the space dragon's unusual zone control and excellent team fighting ability was arguably even more successful in this game than in the opener against Royal Never Give Up.

SKT's team fighting composition often looked to engage onto CLG, and even though CLG was able to win some early fights it was SKT that was able to take the game. CLG took Baron uncontested at 29 minutes, but SKT won the ensuing fight 3-0, and just three minutes later SKT aced CLG to win the game.

Bans: Caitlyn, Azir, Soraka; Alistar, Ryze, Maokai

Duke (Ekko) 1 2/1/3 288 Darshan (Poppy) 1 0/2/4 233
Blank (Graves) 2 5/1/5 165 Xmithie (Kindred) 1 0/3/4 163
Faker (Zilean) 3 2/1/6 265 Huhi (Aurelion Sol) 3 2/2/3 272
Bang (Sivir) 2 3/1/9 290 Stixxay (Kalista) 2 5/2/1 323
Wolf (Braum) 3 0/3/9 36 Aphromoo (Bard) 2 0/3/7 20

Game 4: Flash Wolves vs. G2 Esports

Win: Flash Wolves (17-5, 39:44)

After a strong first game of the day, G2 continued its improved play by keeping things close with the Flash Wolves. The gold was about even at 20 minutes, with two kills apiece for MMD, NL, Kikis and Emperor, and Flash Wolves took a surprise Baron at 23 minutes.

G2 was able to hold its base and trade some fights, but Flash Wolves took its fourth Dragon of the game and set up another Baron at 34 minutes. Flash Wolves used the buff to push down the mid lane and take out four G2 members unanswered, opening up the base by taking the mid lane inhibitor. Returning a few minutes later, Flash Wolves secured a clean ace to win the game.

Bans: Sivir, Bard, Ryze; Nidalee, Poppy, Graves

MMD (Ekko) 2 5/0/7 293 Kikis (Maokai) 1 2/4/2 260
Karsa (Kindred) 1 3/1/8 179 Trick (Lee Sin) 3 0/5/5 135
Maple (LeBlanc) 3 3/2/11 333 Perkz (Azir) 1 1/2/2 411
NL (Ezreal) 3 6/2/6 378 Emperor (Lucian) 2 2/3/1 372
SwordArt (Alistar) 2 0/0/11 40 Hybrid (Braum) 2 0/3/3 45

Game 5: Counter Logic Gaming vs. Royal Never Give Up

Win: Counter Logic Gaming (22-20, 42:15)

For the second time Saturday, mlxg had a fantastic game on Nidalee, ruining his opponents' game from the start. This time, the Level 2 gank found Huhi, killing him for First Blood and setting up xiaohu's Zed for success. It was a hectic early game, with the two teams trading kills in repeated fights, but RNG opened up a sizable lead at 17 minutes when Looper made a perfect engage, stunning three CLG members and allowing his team to pick up three kills.

RNG snuck in a quick Baron at 22 minutes, taking two towers with the buff and opening up the lead. RNG continued to press its lead and eventually took two inhibitors before CLG held them off by killing three in their base. Just a few minutes later, RNG went for Dragon 5. Xmithie hopped into the pit and stole it, and in the resulting team fight CLG killed three RNG members to take a 38-minute Baron. With the buff, CLG pushed into RNG's base, taking the middle inhibitor and winning the ensuing team fight 5-0 to take the game.

Bans: Twitch, Alistar, Maokai; Caitlyn, Soraka, Bard

Darshan (Poppy) 3 1/3/9 265 Looper (Ekko) 1 3/3/7 282
Xmithie (Kindred) 1 7/4/9 187 mlxg (Nidalee) 2 7/5/9 244
Huhi (Azir) 2 2/5/6 382 xiaohu (Zed) 3 5/3/5 361
Stixxay (Kalista) 2 11/4/7 415 Wuxx (Lucian) 1 5/5/6 430
Aphromoo (Morgana) 3 1/4/15 27 Mata (Thresh) 2 0/6/6 33

Game 6: SuperMassive eSports vs. SK Telecom T1

Win: SK Telecom T1 (22-7, 28:26)

SuperMassive started this game on a high note, responding to an early jungle invade from Blank by collapsing onto him and getting First Blood for Naru. But from that point it was all SKT. Faker picked up a double kill at 17 minutes, Bang got one of his own at 20 minutes, and suddenly it was a 7k gold lead.

With a gold lead firmly in double digits at 25 minutes and a turret advantage of 6-0, SKT took Baron uncontested. With the Baron buff, SKT opened up SuperMassive's base and aced their opponent, taking the win.

Bans: Ryze, Alistar, Nidalee; Bard, LeBlanc, Fizz

fabFabulous (Maokai) 1 0/4/2 164 Duke (Ekko) 3 1/0/9 250
Stomaged (Graves) 2 3/5/4 78 Blank (Kindred) 1 10/1/7 144
Naru (Lissandra) 3 2/3/3 249 Faker (Azir) 1 7/1/5 316
Achuu (Lucian) 2 2/3/2 256 Bang (Ezreal) 2 4/1/13 240
Dumbledoge (Thresh) 3 0/7/6 31 Wolf (Braum) 2 0/4/15 35