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SKT has dropped 4 games in a row and CLG are dabbing on them

What the heck is happening to the 2015 World Champions?

SKTelecom T1 don't lose multiple games in a row. In fact, until Friday the South Korean powerhouse had gone a stunning 615 days since they last lost three games straight. Then Counter Logic Gaming stepped in and handed them their fourth. The loss was so surprising fans of SKT were stunned and CLG, well, they dabbed.

What is happening to SKT is somewhat of a mystery. Despite their LCK Spring Playoff win the team didn't look nearly as dominant as we're used to seeing. Inconsistency marred the team for much of the split, which saw SKT finish with a 11-3 record. Most teams would be overjoyed at that record, but this is SKT we're talking about.

Simply put: There's no solid reason why the team should be having this kind of difficulty at MSI, despite the overall talent of its opponents. This leads to a fascinating scenario where the world's most dominant team has suddenly become underdogs -- and it's unclear how Faker and company can adapt to not being in the driver's seat.

It got to this point by a series of uncharacteristic miss-plays and poor decision making. Look no further than two disastrous moments from SKT vs. Flash Wolves.

Fans of SKT are looking to point fingers in an effort to work out why this juggernaut looks so rusty. It's a question there's no good answer to, but at least one person thinks he knows what the problem is.

CLG's win served as the biggest wake up call that all is not right with Faker's team. Witnessing a North American team win against a Korean team just doesn't happen.

Before the game odds for a CLG win set by the betting community were a paltry 7-1, now when the teams face off again on Saturday the line has been moved to 7-2. Meanwhile SKT went from 1.071-1 odds to 1-6. It's not much of a jump, but it shows that bookmakers are losing faith in SKT's ability to win games.

SKT backed into a corner is going to make the weekend at the Mid-Season Invitational must-watch esports. Heck, CLG got Sjokz to dab. That on its own is worth the viewing.