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MSI 2016: Day 2 results and statistics

This post will be updated as the games in Shanghai finish.

Riot Games

Game 1: Counter Logic Gaming vs. G2 Esports

Win: Counter Logic Gaming (18-4, 30:05)

G2's rough start to the tournament continued this game, following up Day 1's 0-2 performance with a poor showing against CLG. Hybrid was caught out in the first minute, gifting First Blood to Stixxay, and things spiraled out of control soon after when a pair of fights broke out at three minutes.

Trick ganked top, killing Aphromoo, but Darshan was able to teleport behind an overextended G2 team and pick up three kills. Meanwhile, Huhi was able to take out Kikis by himself in the mid lane when the top laner messed up an overzealous dive attempt.

CLG continued to snowball its lead, and won a 5-0 team fight at 17 minutes. At 24 minutes, CLG went for Baron and took it, using the buff to take down a G2 inhibitor and one Nexus tower. CLG was able to finish the game soon after.

Bans: Trundle, Zed, Maokai; Caitlyn, Nidalee, Alistar

Darshan (Poppy) 2 6/0/2 194 Kikis (Ekko) 1 0/3/0 231
Xmithie (Kindred) 1 2/0/7 124 Trick (Graves) 3 0/4/2 139
Huhi (Azir) 3 4/2/5 246 Perkz (Ryze) 1 3/4/0 268
Stixxay (Lucian) 2 6/1/7 277 Emperor (Ezreal) 2 0/2/1 226
Aphromoo (Soraka)3 0/1/13 17 Hybrid (Bard) 2 1/5/0 14

Game 2: SK Telecom T1 vs. Royal Never Give Up

Win: Royal Never Give Up (23-7, 60:16)

Royal Never Give Up focused the early game around the mid lane to try and put Faker at a disadvantage, getting three early kills onto xiaohu thanks to three early ganks from mlxg. xiaohu picked up kills on Blank and Faker thanks to the first gank, and picked up another kill on Faker soon after.

At 10 minutes, RNG attempted to expand its early lead by sending all five players bottom, earning a kill for mlxg against Bang. The game's pace slowed down significantly as SKT attempted to stop the bleeding, but mlxg picked up his second kill (and RNG's fifth unanswered) at 22 minutes by catching Duke out of position.

Even with Duke caught out of position by Looper and mlxg again, it looked like SKT was going to be able to turn a fight around when Blank, Bang and Wolf showed up. But a terrific engage by Mata turned the fight back in RNG's favor, and the Chinese squad picked up a pair of 2-0 fights as a result.

SKT finally got on the board at 29 minutes, when Blank shut down xiaohu (directly aftery xiaohu solokilled Faker again). But RNG was able to continue to assert itself, winning a fight 2-0 at 37 minutes and another one at 42 minutes by a margin of 4-2.

At 59 minutes, SKT denied Dragon 5 from RNG, but the team fight that ensued went 5-2 in RNG's favor. The Chinese squad was able to march into SKT's base and take the upset victory.

Bans: Twitch, Sivir, Lissandra; Ryze, Kindred, Trundle

Duke (Poppy) 3 2/5/4 456 Looper (Maokai) 1 1/0/12 452
Blank (Nidalee) 1 2/3/2 295 mlxg (Graves) 2 6/0/12 393
Faker (Azir) 2 0/6/2 535 xiaohu (LeBlanc) 2 8/3/5 518
Bang (Lucian) 2 2/3/1 581 Wuxx (Jhin)3 8/1/6 536
Wolf (Tahm Kench) 3 1/6/2 70 Mata (Alistar) 1 0/3/16 67

Game 3: Flash Wolves vs. SuperMassive eSports

Win: Flash Wolves (15-3, 30:26)

A slow start to the game erupted 15 minutes in with a  5 vs. 5 fight bottom. The skirmish went 3-2 in Flash Wolves' favor, giving the Taiwanese side an early lead, but SuperMassive was able to take the gold lead back with better rotations to take down towers.

At 27 minutes, Flash Wolves was able to take the lead back with a favorable team fight, getting a triple kill onto Maple and taking an uncontested Baron. That Baron buff led to another Maple triple kill and a quick finish to the game.

Bans: Bard, Kindred, Azir; Ryze, Nidalee, Ekko

MMD (Maokai) 1 2/1/9 237 fabFabulous (Fizz) 3 1/3/1 233
Karsa (Lee Sin) 3 1/1/7 110 Stomaged (Graves) 1 0/2/2 145
Maple (LeBlanc) 2 9/0/2 293 Naru (Lissandra) 2 2/3/0 276
NL (Lucian) 2 3/1/8 337 Achuu (Ezreal) 2 0/3/1 289
SwordArt (Alistar) 3 0/0/13 33 Dumbledoge (Braum) 1 0/4/2 48

Game 4: Royal Never Give Up vs. G2 Esports

Win: Royal Never Give Up (16-5, 34:39)

Already sitting at an 0-3 record in the tournament, G2 got off to another poor start when Kikis was caught out of position in the first minute, gifting First Blood to Wuxx. But G2 was able to make a game of it, not falling behind after early mistakes like we had seen earlier in the tournament.

Even with RNG up eight kills to four at  30 minutes, G2 held a slight gold lead thanks to a two tower advantage. But RNG was able to engage a perfect team fight at 31 minutes, picking up a double kill for Wuxx and a 3-0 team fight win overall. RNG used that advantage to take down two towers and an inhibitor, taking a 3k gold lead. G2 tried to engage a fight with Perkz's teleport at 34 minutes, but Wuxx and xiaohu's damage was too much to handle: each picked up two kills, and Looper picked off Kikis to finish off the ace and the win.

Bans: Zed, Braum, Bard; Alistar, Nidalee, Maokai

Looper (Poppy) 3 1/1/5 269 Kikis (Ekko) 1 2/3/2 235
mlxg (Kindred) 1 2/0/7 173 Trick (Graves) 2 1/2/3 159
xiaohu (Azir) 2 5/0/5 347 Perkz (Ryze) 3 1/4/0 303
Wuxx (Twitch) 3 8/3/1 248 Emperor (Lucian) 2 1/3/2 309
Mata (Thresh) 2 0/1/10 29 Hybrid (Trundle) 1 0/4/3 33

Game 5: SuperMassive eSports vs. Counter Logic Gaming

Win: SuperMassive eSports (24-9, 33:10)

Like any game involving SuperMassive, this game got off to an eventful start. Stomaged picked up First Blood three minutes in by ganking Huhi in the mid lane, and ended up with seven kills 14 minutes into the game. SuperMassive held a kill lead at the time but the gold was even: though Achuu was able to solo kill Stixxay twice early, Huhi had a sizable advantage in the mid lane and CLG had an early turret advantage.

SuperMassive took the first real lead of the game at 20 minutes thanks to a 3-0 team fight in the bottom lane. Naru picked up two kills and the Turkish side took a turret, opening up a 2.5k lead. SuperMassive was able to completely open the game up at 29 minutes. Achuu solo killed Sitxxay for the third time and SuperMassive won a simultaneous fight 3-0, allowing them to open up CLG's base by taking the top inhibitor.

SuperMassive routed the next team fight as minions destroyed CLG's base, allowing Thaldrin to teleport in and finish off the Nexus.

Bans: Nidalee, Ryze, Caitlyn; Lissandra, Trundle, Maokai

Thaldrin (Poppy) 3 0/2/9 213 Darshan (Ekko) 1 2/3/2 247
Stomaged (Kindred) 1 9/2/5 137 Xmithie (Graves) 1 0/5/2 130
Naru (LeBlanc) 2 8/1/5 263 Huhi (Lulu) 3 3/5/0 255
Achuu (Lucian) 3 7/3/7 307 Stixxay (Sivir) 2 4/6/1 264
Dumbledoge (Bard) 2 0/1/16 19 Aphromoo (Braum) 2 0/5/5 41

Game 6: SK Telecom T1 vs. Flash Wolves

Win: Flash Wolves (12-5, 48:54)

This game was close at 21 minutes, with Flash Wolves holding a slight kill lead and gold lead (thanks to some early outer turrets taken). Like RNG earlier in the day, Flash Wolves was repeatedly able to punish Faker's Azir in the mid lane, including this neat snipe from NL.

Flash Wolves continued to assert itself with map control, taking four unanswered turrets. A pick on Wolf at 30 minutes allowed Flash Wolves to take its fourth Dragon of the game. SKT continued the stall tactics we saw in the earlier game against RNG, but Flash Wolves took Dragon 5 at 37 minutes. That led to a Baron two minutes later, but SKT was able to pick off MMD and stop Flash Wolves' push.

The next Dragon 5 fight happened at 43 minutes. Karsa was able to secure it for the Flash Wolves and take out Blank in the pit, setting up a push that took two SKT inhibitors. Flash Wolves took the next Baron at 46 minutes, and while SKT tried to kill the Wolves after Baron, MMD teleported into SKT's base to take a Nexus tower. With SKT's base in shambles, Flash Wolves and its super minions marched right in and ended the game.

Bans: Gangplank, LeBlanc, Maokai; Sivir, Zilean, Malphite

Duke (Poppy) 3 0/1/4 391 MMD (Ekko) 1 1/1/5 410
Blank (Nidalee) 1 2/3/2 230 Karsa (Kindred) 2 1/2/6 282
Faker (Azir) 2 3/3/1 506 Maple (Ryze) 3 5/1/6 406
Bang (Lucian) 2 0/2/3 444 NL (Ezreal) 2 4/1/4 477
Wolf (Trundle) 3 0/3/2 78 SwordArt (Alistar) 1 1/0/8 40