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There's now an app that's basically Tinder for League of Legends

Ever wanted to find more like-minded League of Legends players to hone your game with? Here's your chance. A new app called "Unite LoL" is now on the App Store and brings a Tinder-like experience to League.

You define your preferred role, write a short bio and have the chance to get matched with players of a similar skill. It's part social network, part hookup tool, but without your friends' horrible political views or photos of genitals (probably).

The app's creator went on Reddit to explain his vision for Unite LoL.

The app is Unite LoL (free on iOS app-store, Android port in development), and is a location-based app aimed to help you find other summoners that you can use to build a team, prior to joining a queue. You will see closest players first (to find people in the same time zone as you), and can also search for people by summoner name, rank, favourite roles, and more! Users will be also able to chat, see ranked statistics, and favourite friends.

It's like Tinder or Grindr for League of Legends, but less of the Netflix and Chill and more solid team-building and friendships.

Jokes aside, this is a pretty great idea. One of the reasons League can be so intimidating to newcomers is how abrasive anonymity tends to make people. Not everyone has the same expectations when they enter the game, so the risk of being paired with someone who wants to play very competitively might not jive if you're a more casual player looking for fun.

Pulling more social elements into League is a really good idea -- even if I know everyone will swipe right on me.

ADC Twitch looking for casual fun bot lane with support of my dreams.