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Someone is uploading every single Pentakill in ranked to YouTube

"Analyze or Feed" is a YouTube channel you probably haven't heard of, but they are doing some exhaustive work. The channel is uploading ranked queue pentakills -- all of them.

Have you gotten a Pentakill in ranked? Then your name is probably here.

Multiple uploads an hour. Every single Pentakill chronicled. The amount of work (and bandwidth) is unfathomable. Even with a script pulling the replays they still need to be cut and uploaded -- all of which take time.

It's a symbol of just how far League of Legends fans are willing to go. There's no fanfare for the Analyze or Feed channel, no wider recognition from the community. Just a person (or persons) quietly doing their thing in the corner of the Internet.

Reddit discovered the channel over the weekend and it's gotten us all searching our names to see if "That one time I got a Pentakill" is there.

h/t Reddit