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MSI preview: SK Telecom T1, champions of Korea and the world

Our quick preview series closes with the overwhelming favorites in Shanghai.

The final part of a series quickly previewing each team at MSI. The schedule can be found here.

Who they are: SK Telecom T1, League of Legends Champions Korea champions.

What they did this season: After winning Worlds last season, SKT lost to Challenger team ESC Ever (since promoted to the LCK) in the KeSPA Cup, and had to replace starting top laner MaRin and substitute mid laner Easyhoon. The team brought in Duke from NaJin and 18-year-old jungler Blank, and struggled at the beginning of the split with a partially new roster.

SKT was in sixth-place in the LCK when it travelled to IEM Katowice, and used Blank over the veteran Bengi in the tournament. SKT won Katowice, and when the team returned to Korea it was with Blank as the full-time jungler. That worked: SKT shot up the standings, entered the LCK Playoffs as the third seed, and beat the ROX Tigers in the LCK Finals for the third straight season.

Their history: SKT was founded in December 2012, and has been the most accomplished League of Legends team ever since. With Faker (still starting), Bengi (now a substitute), PoohManDu (coaching) and Piglet and Impact (now in North America), SKT won the Season 3 World Championship and had a perfect Winter season in Korea.

SKT missed Season 4 Worlds, but has been on an absolute rampage since. The team has won three straight Korean Championships, one IEM tournament and the Season 5 World Championship. SKT also finished as runners-up in the inaugural Mid-Season Invitational, getting upset by Edward Gaming in the finals.

Their roster:

Position Player Most played champions (career) Previously played with
Top Duke Maokai, Gnar, Poppy, Rumble NaJin, KT Rolster
Jungler Blank Kindred, Graves, Gragas, Nidalee Star Horn Royal Club (LPL)
Mid Faker Orianna, Lulu, Ahri, Azir
ADC Bang Lucian, Sivir, Corki, Ezreal NaJin, Xenics Blast
Support Wolf Alistar, Thresh, Janna, Braum NaJin

Why to watch their games: SKT is the best team in the world, so savor any opportunity you have to watch them in action.

Why they could win: They are SKT.

Why they won't: hahahahahahahahaha