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'Definitely Not Dominion' mode is live and there are some big changes

Dominion was a long-time staple of League of Legends which left us back in February, but here's your chance to try it again. Riot is bringing it back as part of the rotating game mode, but things are very different.

This is "Definitely Not Dominion" mode, and it looks very different to what you're used to. The full list of in-depth changes can be found in the official announcement, but here are the highlights:

  • The map has changed, most notably the removal of two towers from the map.
  • Storm Runes have been replaced by an altar which grants a buff to true damage as a percentage of max HP.
  • Ultra Minion Relics are now "capture and forget" elements of the game, according to Riot. This eliminates the need to re-capture points on the map.
  • Trinket changes, including a Seer Stone -- which provides a vision boost.
  • Pathing changes across the map.

"Definitely Not Dominion" mode began on Friday and will continue through the following times:

11 am - 3 am AEST, Friday 5/27 - Sunday 5/29.