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Get your first close-up look at Taliyah, League's next champion

The Shuriman mage heads home in Riot's beautiful teaser video

Last week, we posted about a new lore piece on the official League of Legends site that, we speculated, seemed to be introducing the next playable champion. That character, Taliyah, has since been confirmed as the latest addition to the League roster, and Riot has put out a new teaser video giving us a closer look and deeper insight into her.

In the video above, we see Taliyah wandering a windy desert. She happens upon an ominously shining city that she calls "home."

"The stories were true," she says. "I will follow this path until the end."

We also get what may be our first look at some of Taliyah's abilities. To move swiftly through the desert sands, she rides on a slate of rock. Near the end of the video, as she rushes to the city, the rock actually rises into the air, forming more of a pillar.

The "home" that Taliyah refers to in the video is Shurima, a desert realm in the world of League of Legends that has been ruined by flawed magic rituals. Another playable character, Azir, is a long-dead ruler of Shurima who has been raised from the dead. It seems likely that Taliyah and Azir will be enemies based off hints from the lore piece.

Whether you care about the lore or not, however, Taliyah is looking like a great addition to the game. Hopefully we'll get more details on her actual abilities soon.