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MSI preview: G2 Esports, champions of Europe

After winning Europe in its first LCS split, G2 has its eyes on Shanghai.


Part V of a series quickly previewing each team at MSI. The schedule can be found here.

Who they are: G2 Esports, Europe League Championship Series champions.

What they did this season: First place in the EU LCS Spring Regular Season with a 15-3 record, first place in the EU LCS Spring Playoffs by beating Fnatic (3-1) and Origen (3-1).

Their history: G2 was previously known as Gamers2, a European Challenger Series team that won a number of minor tournaments. Gamers2 finally qualified for the EU LCS after finishing in first place in the 2015 EU Challenger Series Summer Season, finishing third in the Playoffs and defeating SK Gaming in the ensuing Promotion Series.

G2's roster includes a European veteran (Kikis), two Koreans (Trick and Emperor) and two solo queue stars who entered the season with only Challenger experience to their names but ended up as two of the best players in Europe (Perkz and Hybrid).

Their roster:

Position Player Most played champions (career) Previously played with
Top Kikis Poppy, Nautilus, Ekko, Trundle Team ROCCAT, Unicorns of Love
Jungler Trick Graves, Nidalee, Gragas, Elise CJ Entus (KR)
Mid Perkz Azir, Viktor, LeBlanc, Orianna Gamers2, Millenium
ADC Emperor Lucian, Sivir, Ezreal, Caitlyn CJ Entus Blaze (KR), Team Dragon Knights (NA)
Support Hybrid Braum, Thresh, Janna, Nautilus Gamers2

Why to watch their games: G2 went from the Challenger Series to being the clear best team in Europe, but this is the first time we get to see Perkz and Hybrid against international competition.

Why they could win: The current meta suits G2's 1-3-1 style extremely well, and the team has as good of a chance as any Western squad at taking home a major international victory.

Why they won't: They are not SKT.