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Ryze and Grind: TSM bringing Biofrost to Korea to try out for support position

Ryze and Grind is a morning links post, getting you caught up on what's happening in the world of League of Legends.

Riot Games

LCS roster updates. TSM is bringing former Dream Team support Biofrost to Korea, where he'll compete with other candidates for a starting job on TSM.

Former Unicorns of Love AD Carry Steelback is headed to Roccat, replacing Tabzz, reports ESPN's Jacob Wolf.

Apex jungler Eve has been suspended for disciplinary reasons.

Cool new tool for players. Meet, where you can find the best item builds and find stats for particular matchups.

PBE Updates:

Three new gothic horror-style skins coming: Iron Inquisitor Kayle, Cursed Revenant Nocturne, and Black Scourge Singed.

There are also many more details on the new Elemental Dragons, a bunch of mage updates and new splash arts, like Lil' Slugger Trundle!

You can check out all the changes from the 6.9 cycle at Surrender at 20.

Play of the day

A tie between: Wildturtle, pulling off a ridiculous Azir ultimate seconds after saying he wasn't sure if he could do it

via Reddit user Kampy93

And INTZ jungler Revolta, with an incredible Baron steal on Graves.

Shaco Pentakill:

Nightblue's latest video shows you how to terrorize as the Demon Jester.