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Riot unveils new plan to rid League of Legends of terrible 4v5 matches

One of the worst feelings in League of Legends is never having a chance to really play in the first place. Now, Riot is implementing a new system that will help ensure those horrible 4 vs. 5 matches with one player afk are a thing of the past.

Riot explained the new system in a post on Wednesday. Essentially it's really simple. If you find your team down a player because of disconnection or flagged afk you can simply type "/remake" into chat to initiate a vote. Provided the vote is started before the three minute mark and there hasn't been a first blood, the game will immediately end --keeping the nine players from the original match and finding a new 10th.

It might seem a like a small change, but the quality of life factor is huge here. It helps make reliable play snappier instead of waiting until a team can call surrender at the 20 minute mark. It's a solid compromise that ensures the integrity of single games, while ensuring players aren't wasting time on matches that don't matter.

The update is scheduled to roll out in patch 6.11. It will not apply to players ranked Diamond V and above. They will still suffer a loss if a player in their pre-made group disconnects, regardless of the disconnected player's rank. Riot stated that they will explore the possibility of rolling the ban down into lower ranks in the future.

It is going to be impossible to strop trolling in all circumstances, but this prevents a small segment of players who ruin games by going afk, or those who simply can't connect in time. In short: This is a wonderful update.