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League of Legends is getting pro wrestling skins and yes, that is Macho Man

Gnar "El Leon" Mundo "El Macho" and Volibear "El Rayo" on PBE today!

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New skins reveals are an exciting time, but nothing is quite as wonderful as Mundo dressing up as Macho Man Randy Savage. Gnar and Volibear are also getting wrestling-inspired skins, but really this is all about that Mundo -- or as Riot are calling him "El Macho." Yes, we know a lot of people out there think he's more Ultimate Warrior, which don't get me wrong he looks like Warrior -- but he's got an elbow drop and the name "EL MACHO."

Blond hair and the bicep bands aside, I still argue this is Macho Man. Seriously, they even got the camera angle right.


The new "El Macho," "El Leon" (Gnar) and "El Rayo" (Volibear) skins are hitting the PBE today. Which means we'll all be counting down the days until we see this -- and practicing our Dr. Mundo, because this is so awesome. Meanwhile there's so much more Riot could do with Wrestling-inspired skins.

We need a John Cena Draven ... stat.