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Get yourself amped for the MSI semi-finals with this amazing CLG hype video

America's sporting history is a duality between dominant teams and underdogs. There's no in between in the pantheon of achievements. One fan has perfectly encapsulated Counter Logic Gaming's rise to prominence with a new hype video that's an ode to a classic Nike commercial. Honestly, it has us so amped for the MSI semi-finals.

What makes CLG's run so amazing is the amount of adversity they fought through. Despite finishing in 2nd after the Spring Split there was a sense of finality to their season. In the collective consciousness there was no way CLG could overcome Team SoloMid or Immortals -- but they did.

The Cinderella story continued to Shanghai where everyone was sure CLG would be a group stage elimination -- but they weren't. Now Flash Wolves stand in their way and the NA LCS has been represented proudly by this plucky group of players who never saw the odds stacked against them, and always played like every game was their last.