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MSI preview: Flash Wolves, champions of Taiwan

The LMS champions have been a popular sleeper pick for Shanghai success.


Part IV of a series quickly previewing each team at MSI. The schedule can be found here.

Who they are: Flash Wolves, League of Legends Master Series champions.

What they did this season: Second place in the LMS regular season with a 9-2-3 series record for 29 points, seven behind regular season leaders ahq e-Sports. Flash Wolves swept Machi in the semifinal round and then surprisingly swept an ahq side that looked in poor form in the LMS Finals.

Their history: Flash Wolves was first formed in Season 3 as the yoe IRONMEN, but after a poor first season the team replaced its roster with the players from the recently disbanded Gamania Bears and rebranded as the Flash Wolves. The team won some minor tournaments in 2013 and 2014, and then started 2015 off with a bang by winning IEM Taipei and the LMS Spring regular season.

The Wolves lost to ahq in the Spring Finals, and qualified for Worlds after a third place finish in the Summer Season. They were one of the more surprising teams in the group stage at Worlds, finishing on top of the group at 4-2 with two wins over the KOO Tigers. Flash Wolves lost to Origen 3-1 in the quarterfinal round, and now return to the international stage at MSI.

Their roster:

Position Player Most played champions (career) Previously played with
Top MMD Poppy, Rumble, Lulu, Maokai
Jungler Karsa Rek'Sai, Nidalee, Elise, Lee Sin Machi 17
Mid Maple Zed, LeBlanc, Azir, Ahri Gamania Bears
ADC NL Caitlyn, Lucian, Sivir, Corki Gamania Bears
Support SwordArt Morgana, Thresh, Alistar, Janna Gamania Bears

Why to watch their games: Flash Wolves has a talented roster that's been together for a while, and may legitimately be the second-best team in the competition.

Why they could win: Flash Wolves went undefeated against Korea last time in an international competition.

Why they won't: They are not SKT.