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Riot teases new League of Legends champ Taliyah in a lore post

It look like our next hero will be a young mage who controls stone

Aurelion Sol has only been available in League of Legends for just over a month, but it looks like our next playable champion may already be on the way.

Today Riot posted a short story titled "The Bird and the Branch" to the official League website. The story follows a young woman named Taliyah. She's a mage from the land of Shurima who has the power to control stone. In the story, Taliyah learns to use her great powers, makes some big mistakes and eventually ends up teaming up with everyone's favorite swordsman, Yasuo.

While Riot has not yet confirmed that Taliyah will be a playable champion [update: a champion designer has confirmed it], the focus on her in the story and the great new artwork certainly suggests it. Likewise, we know that the huge upcoming mid-season update will include a rework of mages in the game; taking that opportunity to add in a new mage only makes sense.

We'll keep watching out for any new information on Taliyah and update as it happens.