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MSI preview: SuperMassive eSports, champions of Turkey and the International Wild Card

Meet the International Wild Card's representative in Shanghai.

Riot Games

Part I of a series quickly previewing each team at MSI. The schedule can be found here.

Who they are: SuperMassive eSports, Turkish Champions League and International Wild Card Invitational champions.

What they did this season: Third place in the TCL Winter Season with an 8-6 record, first place in the TCL Winter Playoffs after beating No. 6 Team Turquality (3-1), No. 2 Team AURORA (3-2) and No. 4 Beşiktaş.OH (3-1). First place in the IWCI after a 5-2 round robin record and wins over Saigon Jokers (3-0) and Hard Random (3-1) in the bracket stage.

Their history: Formed in January 2016, SuperMassive eSports bought Beşiktaş's TCL spot before the Turkish season. SuperMassive brought in former Beşiktaş players and 2015 TCL Winter and IWCI champions Thaldrin and Dumbledoge, as well as two-time Turkish champions and former Worlds participants fabFabulous and Naru.

Their roster:

Position Player Most played champions (career) Previously played with
Top Thaldrin Maokai, Rumble, Gnar, Hecarim Team Turquality, Wild Fire, Beşiktaş (TCL)
Top fabFabulous Maokai, Cassiopeia, Shen, Rumble HWA Gaming, Dark Passage (TCL)
Jungler Stomaged Gragas, Rek'Sai, Graves, Elise Always with Honor, HWA Gaming (TCL)
Mid Naru LeBlanc, Ahri, Azir, Lissandra Dark Passage (TCL)
ADC Achuu Lucian, Ezreal, Kalista, Caitlyn Various EU Challenger teams
Support Dumbledoge Bard, Morgana, Janna, Poppy Beşiktaş (TCL)

Why to watch their games: SuperMassive has a hyper-aggressive style led by Dumbledoge, who even pulled out the support Elise a few times in the IWCI. Also, it's fun to root for the little guys, and SuperMassive is, well, a super massive underdog in this tournament.

Why they could win: Dumbledoge has killed Faker at MSI before...

Why they won't: They are not SKT.