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NRG Esports signs LCS veterans KiWiKiD, Quas and Santorin

That'll help make up for the reported loss of Impact to Cloud9.

Riot Games

NRG Esports has made three veteran additions to its League of Legends roster, NRG CEO Andrew Pruett tells ESPN. The team has signed longtime Dignitas support KiWiKid, former Team Liquid top laner Quas and former Team SoloMid jungler Santorin to its starting NA LCS roster ahead of the Summer Split.

NRG was a new team in the 2016 Spring Split, finishing in fifth place with a 9-9 record before being swept by Liquid in the first round of the playoffs. NRG's initial roster was led by a pair of star Koreans: former Jin Air mid laner GBM and former SKT top laner Impact. The rest of the team was made up by former Challenger Series players (jungler Moon and support KonKwon) and former Gravity AD Carry Altec.

With Impact and Altec both reportedly joining Cloud9, we knew changes were coming. Quas had been the rumored addition since the Impact news broke, and KiWiKid and Santorin were both logical picks -- KiWiKid's Dignitas was the only team relegated from the NA LCS (and has reportedly sold its Challenger Series spot), and Santorin bounced around the EU and NA Challenger Series.

KiWiKiD had been with Dignitas since December 2012, and until this move was the last remaining player to play every single LCS split with the same team. A Venezuelan native, Quas joined Team Curse in October 2013 and stayed on with the transition to Team Liquid until he retired in December 2015. Santorin, from Denmark, spent a year with Team SoloMid from November 2014 to October 2015, and played with Huma (EU Challenger) and Ember (NA Challenger) last split.

NRG's roster now has one vacant spot remaining, as the team will still be looking for an AD Carry to replace Altec.