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2016 Summer LCS transaction and roster tracker

Having a hard time keeping track of all those roster moves? No worries, we've got you covered.

Riot Games

It's that time of year: the LCS roster shuffle is back! Between each split, North American and European teams alike make simply an absurd amount of transactions, leaving many rosters looking completely new just in the month or two between the Spring and Summer Splits.

So we're going to keep this post updated as the offseason chugs along, with every confirmed roster transaction in the table below. There are rumors and reports of other moves, but until they're confirmed, they will not make it into this table.

Team Position In: From: Out: To
Apex ADC Apollo Dignitas Police Vitality
Cloud9 Top Impact NRG Balls C9 Challenger
Cloud9 Jungler Meteos Sub Rush C9 Challenger
Team Envy Top Seraph Renegades N/A
Team Envy Jungler Procxin Team Impulse N/A
Team Envy Mid Ninja Renegades
Team Envy ADC Lod/Nien Free agents

Team Envy Support Hakuho Renegades

Fnatic Support YellowStar TSM Klaj ???
G2 ADC Zven Origen Emperor Longzhu Gaming (LCK)
G2 Support Mithy Origen Hybrid Origen
Giants Jungler Maxlore Inspire eSports (EUCS) Wisdom ???
Giants Mid NighT Ever8 (CK) xPePii ???
H2K ADC Freeze Renegades Forg1ven Origen
NRG Top Quas Retired Impact Cloud9
NRG Jungle Santorin Free agent Moon Team Liquid Academy (NACS)
NRG ADC ohq TDK (NACS) Altec C9 Challenger
NRG Support KiWiKiD Dignitas KonKwon ???
Origen ADC Forg1ven H2K Zven G2
Origen Support Hybrid G2 Mithy G2
Roccat Top Parang Stardust (CK) Fredy122 ???
Roccat ADC Steelback UOL Tabzz ???
Roccat Support* Raise Stardust (KC) Noxiak ???
Roccat Support*
Edward Vega Squadron (LCL)
Schalke 04 Mid Fox Unicorns of Love Eika ???
Splyce Support Mikyx Fnatic sub Nisbeth ???
TSM Support Biofrost Imagine YellOwStaR Fnatic
Unicorns of Love Jungle Move Free agent Diamondprox Apex
Unicorns of Love Mid Exileh Free agent Fox Schalke 04
Unicorns of Love ADC Veritas Free agent Steelback Roccat
Vitality Jungle Mightybear Newbee (LSPL) Shook Sub
Vitality ADC Police Apex Hjarnan Sub (taking a break)

If we've missed any LCS moves, let us know in the comments!

*Roccat had two supports on its roster: Edward was ruled ineligible due to visa issues, and Noxiak joined the team later in the season.