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Echo Fox will boot camp in Korea, releases special Korean training jersey

Echo Fox will join at least two other North American teams in Korea as it prepares for the North American Summer Split.

Riot Games

Echo Fox, the competitive gaming organization owned by three-time NBA champion Rick Fox, is sending its League of Legends team to South Korea in May to boot camp ahead of the NA LCS 2016 Summer Split, the team announced in a release Tuesday. Preseason Korean boot camps are fairly common for top NA LCS teams, and Echo Fox will be joining Team SoloMid, Team Liquid and reportedly Cloud9 in Korea.

"At Echo Fox, we're dedicated to making this the premier eSports team," Echo Fox general manager Jake Fyfe said. "Bootcamping in the strongest League of Legends region in the world is the natural next step towards getting there."

In the release, Echo Fox highlighted the opportunities a boot camp to Korea will afford the team.

Korea’s internet infrastructure means that the ping will more closely reflect LCS playing conditions than scrimmaging against the teams in North America. The country’s proximity to other major competitive regions, like China and Southeast Asia also mean that the Foxes will have the chance to play a huge variety of opponents. They may even pick up new ideas from the rising teams in Japan and Oceana.

The team's starting top laner, KFO, is a Korean native, and mid laner Froggen played competitively in Korea while with CLG Europe.

Echo Fox fans can even grab a special edition Korean boot camp shirt, which can be purchased online at Echo Fox's new team store.

A new team in the NA LCS 2016 Spring Split, Echo Fox had a shaky start after eligibility problems left KFO and Froggen unable to play for most of the first half of the season. Once those two players returned, however, Echo Fox looked like a different team, and was able to secure seventh place and avoid the threat of relegation to the Challenger Series.