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Ryze and Grind: More LCS roster changes, early surrender option coming?

Ryze and Grind is a morning links post, getting you caught up on what's happening in the world of League of Legends.

Riot Games

As the rosters turn ...

European Challenger Series team Inspire Esports has signed former Dignitas jungler Kirei and former Roccat jungler Noxiak, ESPN's Jacob Wolf reports.

Giants jungler Wisdom is leaving the team and returning to Korea, the team announced.

Former TSM jungler Santorin, who spent last split in the EU and NA Challenger Series, tweets he has signed with an NA LCS team.

PBE Update:

Big news! There appears to be a pre-20 minute surrender option in the works if there's an AFK on your team (won't be coming in 6.9 though).

  • Your team has X seconds to remake the game because a player dc'd and no kills occurred. Vote to end the game by typing /remake in chat. Only the dc'd player will take a loss. This vote can only occur once...
  • To protect high-tier competitive integrity, your remake would count as a loss because the dc'd player is in your premade

There are also notable changes to Cassiopeia and Malzahar's respective reworked W abilities, a nerf to Nidalee's Q in cougar form, and additional tweaks to Viktor's Q and E abilities.

As always, find all the changes at Surrender at 20.

Find out who you should ban! Scientifically!

Reddit users Aqua_Dragon, Jonnyy9 and warwickofwallst combined to make, which tells you the best champion to ban at each Elo level. You can even type in your own summoner name and get personalized suggested bans (my top 3 are Garen, Rammus and Maokai).

Here's Faker dressed as Ezreal, because you earned it.

(h/t Reddit)

New fun series from Riot!

Pocket Picks, which will interview different pro players about their favorite picks they can pull out in a bind. First up, Immortals jungler Reignover on Rengar.

Play of the day.

Via reddit user darkfaith93.