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Cloud9 reportedly signing Impact, promoting Meteos, demoting Rush to Challenger team

Lots of roster movement for one of the top teams in North America.

Riot Games

Cloud9 has "finalized its deal" with former SKT, TIP and NRG top laner Jung "Impact" Eon-yeong, ESPN's Jacob Wolf is reporting. Impact won Worlds with SKT in Season 3, and has recently played in the NA LCS for Team Impulse and NRG Esports.

Impact has the reputation as one of the most reliable top laners in the region, and is particularly effective when playing tanks, which will likely suit Cloud9's playing style just fine. But the move does have repercussions for a different position on the team.

Cloud9 recently announced the formation of a Challenger Series team, with the intent of building a pipeline for homegrown talent. That's where Summer 2015 MVP Rush will be going, thanks to a maximum of two imports on a starting roster (along with Impact, Jensen is an import). Homegrown Meteos will start at jungler instead. Meteos hasn't been with the starting team since he was replaced by Hai as the starting jungler during Summer 2015. He joined the team in Summer 2013 as a part of Cloud9's LCS-winning 25-3 squad.

Rush won't be the only player with extensive pro experience on C9's Challenger roster: it's absolutely stacked. Former C9 starters Balls, Hai and LemonNation will all reportedly be joining, as will former Gravity/NRG AD Carry Altec. Just look at the experience on Cloud9's ten-deep:

C9 Position LCS splits C9 Challenger/Subs Position LCS splits
Impact Top 3 Balls Top 6
Meteos Jungle 5 Rush Jungle 3
Jensen Mid 2 Hai Mid 6
Sneaky ADC 6 Altec ADC 4
Bunny FuFuu Support 3 LemonNation Support 5

That's 19 combined LCS splits on the main roster (plus three Korean splits from Impact) ... and 24 on the Challenger/substitute roster.

This approach appears to be in the mold of Team Liquid's 10-man roster, and this kind of roster management will be something to watch as the professional scene continues to develop.

Wolf also reports former Team Liquid top laner Quas may replace Impact on NRG Esports.