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Ryze and Grind: Saturday's loaded League of Legends schedule

Ryze and Grind is a morning links post, getting you caught up on what's happening in the world of League of Legends.

Riot Games

Today's schedule is packed...

3 a.m. ET: LPL Finals, Royal Never Give Up vs. Edward Gaming

4 a.m. ET: LCK Finals, SK Telecom T1 vs. ROX Tigers

1 p.m. ET: IWCI Finals, Hard Random vs. SuperMassive eSports

The winners of those three series will all advance to the Mid-Season Invitational, where they will meet North American champions Counter Logic Gaming, European champions G2 Esports and Taiwanese champions Flash Wolves.

At some point there will be the uLoL Final Four, as well. UBC will play Georgia Tech and Maryland will play Robert Morris.

Ultra Rapid Fire is live!

But it's only up until Sunday, so go zip around and blow some things up while you still can.

Been wondering about those Hextech items on the PBE? Me too! Shakarez has a thorough breakdown over on LolKing. He predicts the GLP-800 will get the most play (comparing it to Rod of Ages)

PBE updates:

Malzahar's voidlings spawn when hitting large monsters again, which means the Malzahar jungle dream can live on, but they now do 75% damage against monsters. There are also some Nidalee Q changes, a nerf to Veigar's ultimate, and some changes to Zyra's seed and vision.

(Check out all of them at Surrenderat20).

Play of the day:

A tie between Stixxay one-shotting a Kindred as Kalista, via Reddit user aZoore, and a Bard showing exactly how to completely ruin an enemy jungler's dayvia reddit user PremadeNami.

Pretty cool: Reddit user Last_Skarner_NA ran all the patch notes from the last two seasons into a text program to generate a completely computer-made list of patch notes.

Behind-the-scenes videos

Here's a lengthy one with Taiwanese powerhouse ahq e-Sports Club, upset by Flash Wolves in the LMS Finals.

And an inside look at CLG's win over TSM, the first part of a series about their road to MSI.