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Ohio State beats Michigan State in BTN League of Legends Invitational

The Buckeyes take down the Spartans, three games to one.

BTN, Riot Games

Ohio State beat Michigan State in League of Legends in the 2016 BTN Invitational, taking down the Spartans at PAX East in Boston Friday. The BTN Invitational is a new partnership between Riot Games and the Big Ten Network. Ohio State beat Michigan State 3-0 in a previous matchup between the two schools during the uLoL season. The games will be broadcast on the Big Ten Network Monday at 7 p.m. ET.

Ohio State won an outrageous Game 1 after Michigan State threw a huge lead, taking down both Nexus towers before losing three consecutive team fights. Both junglers had double-digit kills in the game, led by Nexevis's 13. Things started out well for Michigan State, thanks to an unconventional Sion support pick and a strong performance by Kindred in the jungle, but everything fell apart about 30 minutes in.

Michigan State started Game 2 with another unconventional strategy, sending four people to the mid lane to attempt to siege and pick off enemies with Blitzcrank. The plan backfired: Ohio State was able to hold its defense with only three people, grabbing a kill, while also having its Lucian undefended getting experience and pushing a turret in the bottom lane. The Buckeyes built off that advantage for another win, making the series one game away from being clinched.

The Spartans struck back in Game 3 with a dominating performance, taking 11 towers to only one for Ohio State. Michigan State received nine kills from Nidalee in the jungle, saw good returns from new picks in the top lane (Graves) and marksman (Tristana) positions, and the support Sion actually worked this time!

The support Sion was banned away in Game 4, but Michigan State was able to lock down the Graves and Tristana picks once again. Ohio State blind-picked Vel'Koz for Peridot, who replace RemindMeRemi at mid, and he rewarded the team by earning First Blood. That was the first of seven consecutive kills to start the game for the Buckeyes, but Michigan State pulled back to make the score 8-7. The game remained close until Ohio State won a big team fight 32 minutes in, taking down an inhibitor and opening up a Baron play that led to the series win.

The PAX East festivities will continue Saturday with the uLoL Final Four, featuring the University of British Columbia vs. Georgia Tech and Robert Morris vs. the University of Maryland.