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Potential European destinations for YellowStar, ranked

Will it be Fnatic, Fnatic or Fnatic?

We learned Thursday that starting TSM support YellowStar, known for his accomplishments with Fnatic, would be leaving the team and returning to Europe. He's still under contract, which means any European that wants to sign him will have to talk to TSM, but chances are he'll be a pretty coveted player, given his history.

So where will he end up, if he does sign with a team? We can probably rule out top teams like G2, Origen and Vitality, who all have star-studded supports, but there have been many rumors he could end up back with Fnatic, where he spent nearly three years.

Here are 10 possibilities, according to my completely unscientific rankings.

10. Fnatic - YellowStar has history with the team, playing with Fnatic for years and years -- it would just make a lot of sense.

9. Fnatic - Starting support Klaj has reportedly been mysteriously demoted to Fnatic's new Challenger team. Looks like a spot has opened up!

8. Fnatic - Europe's most dominant team historically hasn't won a title since YellowStar left.

7. Elements - Elements has always wanted to be a European power, so why not sign the guy who has never missed an LCS final?

6. Fnatic - YellowStar has played (and won) with starting Fnatic mid laner Febiven.

5. Fnatic - YellowStar has played (and won) with starting Fnatic marksman Rekkles, and nothing's more important than bot lane synergy.

4. H2K - Yes, Jankos and Vander make for a lethal jungle-support duo, but you can't pass up the opportunity to have such a star-studded bottom lane.

3. Fnatic - You know, I really think they're just a support away from another EU LCS crown.

2. Fnatic - Hey, why not?

1. Fnatic - We already know YellowStar looks great in black and orange. It doesn't get any better than that!